Hypnotherapy in Carlisle, Low Hesket and Dumfries
What can I help with?
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Hypnotherapy is a safe method of improving things that you are not happy with. During our appointments we will monitor and review the progress that you are making to ensure that you are on track to achieve your goals.  
Clients approach me with many different concerns and the list of those that Hypnotherapy can effectively help is growing but currently includes:

Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Stopping Smoking
Pain Relief
Weight Management
Confidence Building
Addictions - Gambling and Drugs
Alcohol misuse or dependance
Fear of Flying
Toilet Phobias
Assisting with Cancer Treatments 
Sport Improvement 
Passing your Driving Test
Managing Anger
Phobias / Fears
Public Speaking
Success in Exams and Memory Coaching
Childrens Hypnotherapy - toileting, bed wetting and behavioural issues
and many more.....

Prior to conducting any treatment we will discuss the particular issues that you have raised to ensure that Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for you. We will only commence treatment if we can be confident of making some progress.
Strict Confidentiality is always assured.


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