Hypnotherapy in Carlisle, Low Hesket and Dumfries
Anxiety, Stress and Depression
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Stress is a very common part of modern living and recognised as a key contributor for serious illness including high blood pressure, heart attacks and possibly cancers. It affects most people at some stage in their lives and can present challenges which can feel overwhelming. This can be work related, family bereavement or indeed many other causes too.
Symtoms can include: 

 - poor sleep
 - sweating or shaking
 - panic attacks 
 - low mood and feeling down
 - aggresiveness
 - inability to think or concentrate
 - feelings of loneliness or despair
 - using alcohol to cope
In fact 1 in 4 GP appointments are for stress and anxiety symptoms, which is why we've seen a massive increase in the prescription of anti-depressants over recent years.
Our Hypnotherapy sessions will change the way that you feel stress impacts your life, helping you feel calmer and regaining control. 

"I don't need any valium on the days you come to see me" - VR Dumfries

"I don't know how I would have got through this year without you" - PS Cumbria

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