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Hypnosis for Children
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Children can be better candidates for hypnosis than adults, and we often can help resolve such problems as anxiety, bed wetting, school issues and eating problems.

When required, and at the parent's request, reports can be sent to schools and Education Authorities in cases of Special Need or Educational Statements.

Children tend to respond to hypnotic suggestion better than adults because they are more in touch with their imaginations, and I have found that children aged 6 or older respond best to the treatment.


Let me try to answer some common questions:


What role, if any, does the parent play during a hypnosis session?

As in any therapy, it is important for parents to know what is going on, in the actual session the parent is always present but in the background. They really don't play any part in the actual therapy.


How many times does a typical child visit a Hypnotherapist?

Most children attend 4 to 8 sessions.


How do I know if my child is a candidate for hypnosis?

Most children are good candidates. It just depends on whether the problems they are having can be helped by hypnosis.


Here are just some of the problems that might be helped by hypnosis, the list is not exhaustive so if the issue you are enquiring about is not covered, please get in touch...




Hypnosis is very effective at alleviating the pain of children undergoing cancer treatments. What we do is help the child find relief, away from the pain. By accessing the sub-conscious, the child creates images that forces them to focus on something other than the pain they are feeling.




A child who is anxious often breathes more quickly and has a higher heart rate. Techniques can be effectively used to bring feelings of anxiety or upset under control.


Bed Wetting


Many doctors prescribe medicine for children who have a bed-wetting problem. But now more doctors are turning to Hypnosis, which has very positive results. Perhaps the reason that it works so well, is that kids play an active role in their treatment rather than just taking a pill.




When children with asthma feel their throats constricting, they begin to feel anxious and breathe more heavily. With hypnosis, we teach the child to calm down, remove anxiety and ease their breathing.


I hold Intertional Paediatric Certification with both the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Canadian Institute of Hypnosis, please call for a confidential discussion of how this may help your child. 


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